Whether you are home, away on vacations, camping trips, or taking a stroll to the store with your children - You can never be too prepare for an emergency.  These Just...in Case Emergency Ids for Children are a great gift giving idea for Families, Friends, etc,.

All the emergency information you could want is offered on these cards! Each card provides spaces for doctor, hospital, and emergency contact names and numbers, medication requirements, allergies, medical insurance information - and more. To make it complete, there's a Consent Form to Emergency Medical Treatment on the bottom of the cards - and on the back, a place for your child's photo. 

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Just In Case Emergency ID


The package includes a clear vinyl, water-resistant travel case and a pre-printed emergency I.D. card for you to fill out. Buy additional packages for use on Car Seat, Diaper Bag, Stroller. Give one to your Baby Sitter.

CONVENIENT! - ID cards are pre-printed — you just fill in the blanks. Room for additional info inside the case.
RELIABLE - Information stays together, intact and readily available.
PRIVATE - ID card folds in half with the information on the inside of its illustrated cover.
INFORMATIVE - In case you or your child's caregiver is incapacitated, your child's info is right there for medical attendants.
COMPLETE - Includes a consent form to enable emergency medical treatment for your child in your absence.

Paramedics stress that it's key to have a child's emergency contact and medical information readily available in an emergency.

Quantity: $5.00 - Buy 4 or more cost is $4.75 ea.


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Just In Case Emergency ID